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Archa in ENGLISH

We offer regular Sunday services, prayer and worship meetings, spiritual guiding, pastoral care and various activities for people of all ages.

We meet for preaching, prayers and worship every Sunday at 9:30 in our church building Archa (Lonkova 512, Pardubice). For information on other activities please contact us at (pardubice@cb.cz)

English translation available
Join us! You are always welcome! Regular Sunday services are translated into English. If interested, please ask the usher or one of the organizers who will provide you with a wireless headset to listen to the English translation. Alternatively, you can contact us at prekladanivarse@googlegroups.com in advance. We will be happy to answer questions, provide help and technical assistance to make sure that you have everything needed.

Who we are & What we believe
We are a part of the Evangelical Brethren Church (Církev bratrská). Our denomination is a branch of the worldwide Christian church and builds on the teaching of the Protestant reformation. We are an open community of people who believe in Jesus Christ as the Son of God and Savior of the world, and accept the Bible as the highest authority in matters of teaching, life, and faith. We hope that you can find something that meets your needs, and we look forward to meeting you at one of our activities. 

More about Principles of the Evangelical Brethren Church (https://portal.cb.cz/Principles-of-the-Evangelical-Brethren-Church)